Orchid Blush Team works with Outfit Fashion for Grand National Promotion....

It's that time of year again ... and as the Grand National approached our hair and make-up artist team were asked to set up mini pamper barrier hair, nails and eyelashes at the weekend in Outfit Speke and Prescot stores in Liverpool and new Outfit store opening in Chester. To celebrate the Races  the lovely people at Outfit provided a free pamper bar to their customers on Saturday.Our teams set up in the store and met lots of lovely ladies and we hope they enjoyed being pampered as much as we enjoyed meeting them all.

Here are some pictures from the event......


Topshop nail varnish in bright colours were popular in Liverpool.


The Hollyoaks crew stopped by to open the Outfit store in Chester...


The Chester make-up artist team made the paper !


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August Wedding Weekend... A lovely Lancashire Wedding..Orchid Blush bridal make-up artist team...

This week we were in Blackburn Lancashire to provide make-up for this lovely bride's wedding. The bride selected airbrush make-up and Senior Make Up Artist Ruth Marcella travelled up to Blackburn for her wedding day. We all think in our office that wedding dress was absolutely breathtaking and the hair and make-up really complimented the finished look. We hope she enjoyed her wedding day .....

Make-Up Artist Team Orchid Blush.

Make-Up Artist Team Orchid Blush.

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Red Carpet Hair and Make Up Looks - The Grammys 2015

The Grammys are one of my favourite for red carpet hair and make up looks. They are little less formal than the Oscars or BAFTAs and often you see some quite quirky hair and make up looks. This year the looks were clean and natural with luminous skin and defined features .

My favourite this year were : 

Katy Perry

Loved the lilac wig and polished make-up with her beautiful dress. 

Katy Perry -Hair and Make Up 2015

Katy Perry -Hair and Make Up 2015

Jesse J

Loved this whole make up look , the slick raven straight bob and the vamp lip.

Jesse J Hair and Make Up 2015

Jesse J Hair and Make Up 2015

Iggy Azalea  

Love this crown braid .. She looked like a statue ... in a good way!!

Iggy Azalea Hair and Make Up 2015

Iggy Hair and Make Up

Iggy Hair and Make Up

Lady Gaga

I had to google to check this was Lady Gaga lol !! Like this Old Hollywood style hair and make-up .Nice to see other side of Gaga ..


Lady Gaga hair and make-up 2015

Lady Gaga hair and make-up 2015

 Also worthy of a mention was singer Sia's blond Wig ... Now look forward for Oscar red carpet next month....


An Expert Opinion (Pt1) - Planning your bridal make-up

Our bridal make-up artists are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your bridal hair and make-up. We have started this blog series 'An Expert Opinion' to answer some of the most familiar questions based on over ten years experience of bridal make-up.

Senior Make-Up Artist - Ruth Marcella

When it comes to planning a bridal look with our clients the first question I always ask is ' What is your usual make-up routine'. Some brides respond that they hardly ever wear make-up and others that they wear alot of make-up in their usual day to day activities.. Most brides want to look fresh and flawless on their wedding day ...the colors and tones that we choose and the style of eye make-up are what the make-up artist will plan with the bride to suit the bride's personality and the style of the wedding..  Some brides choose to go for a natural polished look and others prefer to have defined or smokey eyes and other brides are inspired by vintage weddings or a red lip ..It is really up to the bride, what look she would like to achieve and our make-up artists guide and create a look for her.. Here are some of our past brides with s range of looks from natural to more defined to smokey eye to demonstrate that whichever look chosen can be timeless and elegant and bring out the beauty of each bride....

bridal make up

Natural  Looks

Flawless Skin with a hint of a flush in the cheek and a pinch of color on the lips

Great if you want to look natural and polished or if you don't usually wear a lot of make-up...

Defined Bridal Make Up

Flawless Skin with a defined eye.  A soft blend of eyeshadow with the definition of the eyeliner close to the lash line. This look will draw emphasis to the beautiful eyes whilst also keeping the tones and shadows soft.

soft smokey eye

Smokey Eyes

If your a bride who rocks their smokey eyes with pride all week long then it may feel strange to take your signature look away on your wedding day...The following smokey eye looks are well suited to brides and are soft enough for daytime photography.

Written by Ruth Marcella (Orchid Blush)

smokey eyes
bridal make up

bridal make up liverpool

These are just a small selection of the looks we have produced for more examples of our work click www.orchidblush.co.uk/gallery


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